Database and Email

An e mail database is a concise validated recent record of contact details of stakeholders existing in the industry you wish to target . They will ideally have all the contact points for enabling communication in the chosen form.

E mail databases are used for e mail marketing and a host of other marketing communication programs.

Email marketing, when done correctly, allows you to do a lot more than send your content to the inboxes of your subscribers. Growing your email database; which requires a solid email marketing strategy; can actually help you focus your marketing efforts across all the advertising channels, but we’ll get to that. The more your database grows, the more your reach grows because the number of people interested in what you have to say is potentially growing. Do not confuse e mail marketing with social media , they are different in their own ways and e mail marketing is still accepted with in the top 3 digital marketing strategies when a potential customer opts-in for your email subscription, they’re doing more than showing an interest in your pretty pictures or cool videos; they want to hear what it is you have to offer. The opt-in offers you the opportunity to speak exclusively to those who want to see your content and ads, which mean you avoid a few things your other competitors might not be doing.

Question you must ask yourself ?

  • Do I have a email database , can it be used
  • How do I acquire one
  • Will the database be qualified
  • How do I describe my industry and target market

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